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AuroPro Consultants are instructed to operate as a team. Not only is experience key, but like a sports team, so is versatility. We only hire consultants who are able to change roles on your project depending on your business, technical and resources needs.

For all of your SAS services, a team of seven specialists will be amassed according the skill set requested.

  • Project Manager- The project manager will coordinate with your project manager and act as the link between the team and end users. The project manager will also be responsible for the overall project planning and progress monitoring.
  • System Architect- The system architect will develop all system requirements and deform the architectural design of the system and data modeling. Additionally, the system architect will develop acceptance and system test plans.
  • Construction Manager- The construction manager is in charge of coordinating day to day activities of the development team, develop or oversee software units, and develops integration test plans and performs integration tests.
  • Developer- The developer will code the software unit and writes and execute unit test plans.
  • Business Analyst- The business analyst helps the project team in defining the business process and system requirements. The business analyst then helps identify and evaluate the business value of the project.
  • Technology Specialist- The technology specialist helps the team select an appropriate set of technologies during the solution definition and ensure they are correctly utilized. The technology specialist also assists the team with implementation issues during the construction phases if need be.
  • Coach- In accordance with our philosophy of teamwork, a coach will be provided to assist the project team through the design and construction phases. The coach will closely follow the work done by the team and perform regular quality checks. During the time our consultants are working with your business, the coach will transfer SAS knowledge to the people responsible for the systems at your end.

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From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, AuroPro has the world-class experience and expertise that you need. Contact a Consultant today.


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