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AuroPro is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business. We are geared towards providing focused services to organizations, whose competitive edge depends in part on the use of IT and for whom the opportunity to reduce software development cost can enhance their capabilities to compete in the global market place. Our solutions comprise a broad range of advanced products and services designed to enable companies run the business, deploy products and business intelligence tools on a global basis.


To be a customer focused company in bringing a significant Clear Value and ROI to our customers and Growth to our employees


Partner with our customers to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions and create Excellence by providing Opportunities to people through well-defined Processes and progressive Learning in an Exuberant environment."


  • Empathy: You have the ability to sense the feeling around you.
  • Performance Driven: The right information, the right time, and the right format….Success it is
  • Innovation: Innovation every invention we do.
  • Agility: Quality characterized by quickness, subtlety and being flexible
  • Integrity: There is no right way to do any wrong thing.
  • Commitment: Stays committed to your decision, but stay flexible in your approach.


AuroPro is a multi-cultural environment that uniquely combines creativity, attitude, and strength of its people across borders.

We believe in diversity and global outlook. The cornerstone of our success lies in bringing talented people together to inspire one another and collaborate freely. Our people take pride in the work they do, the customers they serve, and the team they are a part of.

What sets us apart from the rest is our belief that ‘doing a good job’ is a fundamental human motivation. Talented people naturally excel in response to challenge.

Freedom, risk taking, and sense of collective achievement, fuel the innovative culture you’ll find at AuroPro


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