Enterprise Aplication Services

Your organization should charter its planned course amidst an uncertain and convoluted marketplace environment. Apart from other contributing factors, the enterprise application should also play its vital role. It should not only be continuously available to your employees in a global working environment but also enable you to focus on your business critical activities without getting weighed down by the burden of maintaining the application. Your organization needs that kind of application support which are globally available and 24 by 7 encompassing all the functional and technical aspects of your application.

Why should you consider AuroPro?

AuroPro has strong business consulting and implementation capabilities and robust global delivery-based application and infrastructure management capabilities. We deliver unique value on an end-to-end basis for SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft customers, whose goal is business transformation, ensuring that they receive the optimal solution at the right price.

How can AuroPro help you?

We offer a variety of enterprise application services across SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft technologies:

  • Global ERP: AuroPro has helped many large and midsize multinational companies meet the daunting challenge of transitioning to a global ERP system and then realize the tremendous benefits of such a move.
  • Application Maintenance and Support: Through our proprietary (Managed Services leading to Continuous Transformation) service-delivery framework, we help companies reduce the recurring cost of maintaining applications and improve end-user satisfaction through high-quality and consistent service levels.
  • Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence: Our business intelligence solutions help companies sort through the enormous amounts of data they are generating, allowing them to meet compliance standards and gain a clearer understanding of their performance.
  • Enterprise Asset Management: AuroPro lets companies achieve a holistic view of their IT assets—whether traditional, physical, or emerging smart assets—in order to meet environmental, compliance, and service goals; cut inventory levels and costs; improve staff productivity; and make quicker and better business decisions.
  • Human Capital Management: We help organizations analyze their workforce strengths and vulnerabilities and offer proactive human-capital-management strategies. In the back office, we give managers the information they need to make better decisions. For the HR staff, we provide a framework to manage benefits administration and payroll, map out succession planning, and document various actions and decisions.


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